Membership Benefits

Through our monthly meetings, members have discussed numerous topics including:  Regulatory Up-dates, Working In and Around Water, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Auditing, Risk Control and Environmental Insurance, Hazardous Waste Management, Energy Conservation and Management, What To Do If You Are Charged with an Offence Under the Waste Management Act.

• Our monthly meetings focus on guest speakers and provide an interactive perspective.
• Networking among members provides a platform for the sharing of vital communication and practical information, for example, “what worked and what didn’t work”.
• We host one-day workshops on special issues, such as Risk Management, Greening your Business, Buildings and your Bank Account, and A Business Case for Energy Efficiency.
• Once a year we take our monthly meetings on the road.  Tours have included the Vancouver International Airport (air-side), Britannia Mine, Clean Harbors Special Waste Treatment Facility, Fraser River Port Authority Lands.

Other membership benefits include the following:

• Web articles that provide members with information on a range of environmental issues and EMA of BC events
• Access to the members-only page of the EMA of BC website that includes recent and archived presentations
• A link on the EMA of BC website to your organization’s website (optional)
• Access to a list of current members

2019 Membership Year – Membership Pricing (January 1 to December 31)

– Corporate Membership: $500.00 + tax
– Sole Proprietorship Membership:  $375.00 + tax
– NGO/Not for Profit Membership:  $250.00 + tax

“Court cases from around the country make it clear that membership and participation in organizations like the EMA of BC can be a valuable piece of evidence in your company’s due diligence defense to an environmental prosecution.” – Paul R. Cassidy, Senior Canadian Environmental Lawyer

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