Sponsorship Opportunities

The Environmental Managers Association of BC is a not-for-profit association with a
mandate to provide educational experiences and networking with the goal of sharing
environmental concerns and solutions. The EMA of BC fulfills its mission by organizing a
variety of events including speaker sessions, facility tours, annual workshops, and
recognition events. As well, the EMA of BC website addresses timely environmental
subjects and reports the news of the association. The EMA of BC also pools its resources to
sponsor a student enrolled in post-secondary environmental studies, and donates to a local
non-profit organization involved in environmental stewardship (i.e. the Concrete

The EMA of BC has been fortunate to receive funding from like-minded sponsors who have
been very generous in supporting the association and assisting it in fulfilling its mission.
Sponsorships are usually from member firms, but have occasionally been sourced from non-
member firms or organizations. In order to provide a fair opportunity for member and non-
member firms to be recognized for their support of the EMA of BC, this list of potential
sponsorships opportunities is available to members and is also here on the EMA website so
firms may select the most appropriate sponsorship opportunities for participation. The EMA
of BC board of 20 volunteer directors appreciates every contribution, and they match those
contributions through their hours devoted to making the most of our resources and meeting
our association goals.

The association appreciates and encourages your sponsorship as a way of giving back to the
community, our industry, and our colleagues with whom we share our mission. Thank you
from everyone at the EMA of BC for your sponsorship consideration.

2016 – 2017  Sponsorship Opportunities